Closing the 2011 Season

12 Oct

It’s that time of the year again: closing up the island for the winter, and saying goodbye to another year. This past weekend the Conovers shuttered the house and did some tree clearing to finish up the 2011 season.

We drove overnight and arrived right at sunrise.

Sunrise over Ebenecook Harbor

We took a nap for a couple of hours, and then got started dropping trees.

Cut Down Tree

Chopped Trees in a Row

We made good progress, and chopped down a bunch of trees.

Chopped Trees All Lined Up

Once we’d finished for the day, we watched the sunset.

Sunset over the Sheepscot River

Evening Sunlight on the Flag and House

Sunset Behind the Flag

The next day we continued on the tree work, and managed to clear a large view of the water.

The New View with Trees Chopped Down

Monday morning it was time to leave, so we boarded up the house,

Grey Cottage Boarded Up

Headed down to the boat, and took our last trip into the boatyard for the year.

Sunrise over Ebenecook

Last View of the Season

Luckily May is just around the corner!

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